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Best Web Design Practice for iOS 8

Looking for developing an iOS application? There are many companies and freelancers provide iOS app development India. With number of plug-ins and UI kits available in the internet, the development process is quite easy. Here are some web design best practices for iOS 8:


The iOS runs on several devices and the users expect the application working well on iPod, iPhone and iPad. You may require extra efforts to achieve it. Interfaces for tablets and mobile phones should be developed separately. If you use MVC design pattern for your application, it will be helpful in reusing the models and controllers.


The basic principles of developing a user interface include: consistency, direct interaction, aesthetic integrity, feedback, use of real-world images and leveling the user control to the application features. It is important to follow the conventions provided by iOS platform (iOS Human Interface Guidelines) while designing the interface.

Error handling

The application may come along various types of errors such as out of memory, out of disk space, page not found and no network. Hence it is inevitable to handle all the errors in your code to avoid the application failure in such cases.

Make use of naming conventions

When we talk about best practices in application development, the foremost thing you should do is, following the right naming conventions. The names should make sense to the developer and will prevent headache in the future.

Maintain version control

It is highly recommended to maintain the common version control and task management systems properly. You may be a developer or tester, but these tools will support and speed up the application development.

Export CSS Attributes

It is a lifesaver when you run out of time. Select any object, right click it and choose “Copy CSS Attributes”. Paste it in a text editor and save. It is advisable to do this for all complex objects and layers. So that your developer will write code easily. It is extremely important if you work on gradient backgrounds and shadows.

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